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How to grow curious and successfull kids

Drawing is a wonderful activity for children, but sometimes they need a little extra motivation to get started. Here are some tips to help you motivate your child to draw and turn it into a fun and creative experience.

  1. Start with simple projects.

Motivating your child to draw starts with finding the right project. Begin with simple drawings that your child can easily complete. As they become more confident, you can move on to more complex projects.

Motivate your child drawing – start with a simple projects
  1. Make it fun.

Drawing should be a fun activity for your child. Encourage your child to draw what they love and make the experience enjoyable. You can also join in and draw together.

  1. Be positive and supportive.

Encouragement is key when motivating your child to draw. Be positive and supportive, and celebrate their successes. Offer constructive feedback and help them to see their progress.

  1. Encourage creativity.

Drawing is a great way for your child to express their creativity. Encourage your child to try different styles and techniques, and allow them to create their own drawings without too many restrictions.

Encourage creativity when your kids are drawing
  1. Use rewards.

Rewards can be a great motivator for kids. You can reward your child for completing a certain number of drawings, or for trying a new technique. This will help them to stay motivated and focused.

  1. Lead by example.

Showing your child that you value drawing can also be a great motivator. Consider taking a drawing class or working on your own drawings to show your child that it is important to you.

  1. Make it a regular routine.

Drawing should be a regular part of your child’s routine. Encourage your child to draw every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. This will help them to develop their skills and keep them motivated.

  1. Find a good teacher.

A good teacher can make a big difference when it comes to motivating your child to draw. Look for a teacher who is patient, supportive, and encourages creativity.

Also you may find helpful to learn from the famous artist – checkout how to learn from Van Gogh.

In conclusion, motivating your child to draw and making it a positive experience is key to helping them develop a love for art. By starting with simple projects, making it fun, being positive and supportive, encouraging creativity, using rewards, leading by example, making it a regular routine, and finding a good teacher, you can help your child develop their artistic skills and express themselves creatively.



  1. Hey, one the best activities for me to motivate my daughter drawing – is to draw together 🙂 this is quality time we spent and I see how much she enjoys it!


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